Located at 3 Waln Rd.
Chesterfield, NJ 08515

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Open from Mid July to late October.

9am to 5pm see center box for details!!

Pick Your Own:

Peaches, nectarines,apples, plums and pears


Attention pie and sauce makers! Due to the weather and big weekend customer crowds this year the remaining apples are not as nice as usual. We have decided to cut the price of Apples to $.50 per pound. Many of the apples are still good and very tasty especially if they are being baked or made into sauce. Some of the varieties still available are, stayman winesap, Arkansas black and Fuji. There are still some Asian pears left . Most of the biggest fruit has been picked so we will be lowering the pear price to $1. Per pound. Come on out and have some fun picking some fruit! We will be open Saturday and Sunday 9-5.

We are not planning on this being an annual event but it only seems fair this year because of the challenges we faced.

CASH OR CHECK ONLY   NO BUS TRIPS! (Sorry, we just can't handle it!)

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